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Max Arias: COVID-19 & The Macroeconomic Relationship Between The USA & China

Max Arias of The Wharton School of Business Discusses the Macroeconomic Relationship Between USA & China

By all accounts, Max Arias is one to watch as he enters employment in the finance industry. After securing his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania this spring, the financial sphere will have a well-rounded asset in Maxwell Arias. He offers his take on how America can dig itself out of the economic trench created by the COVID-19 pandemic. A fresh and innovative approach to the problem is related by Max Arias.

Max Arias Suggests that the Macroeconomic Relationship is Crucial

Max Arias WhartonSimply stated, Max Arias proposes that the $1 trillion debt the US owes to China should be fundamentally restructured. This punitive measure is a direct response to China’s failure to warn America and the world about the virus in a timely fashion. In fact, Maxwell Arias asserts that China should have warned the world at least three weeks earlier given what is known about the timeline of their research. This lag undoubtedly has caused catastrophic death tolls and economic woes. Max Arias suggests that America begin institutional shifts in risk preference toward safer yields in the form of treasuries, as opposed to public equities.

Max Arias Lends Credence to his Argument

Max Arias supports his argument by identifying the need for timeliness in this macroeconomic endeavor. Currently, the world sees that the virus originated in China, therefore they held responsibility in relating the information, globally. Maxwell Arias states that there is “clear negligence”, on the part of China in their delayed reporting. Max Arias believes that explicitly tying this action to the punitive damages – restructuring the debt – will be seen as a just measure. This will support America’s creditworthiness as seen by the world. If the relationship is not depicted clearly between the punitive action and COVID-19’s impact, it could damage the creditworthiness of the country.

How to drastically reduce the US’ debt service according to Max Arias

This is also a fantastic time to be creative with financial strategy. Releasing the burden of the debt owed to China would allow America to become stronger economically without becoming weaker internally. That is, instead of raising taxes and cutting public services to its citizens, the United States of America can continue to properly support Americans fiscally. China will assume the burden of financial responsibility for one of the worst economic situations since The Great Depression.

Maxwell Arias has taken the time to bring forward a vigorous answer to the current state of America’s economic picture. After much careful study at his soon-to-be alma mater, Max has married his financial strategic acumen and his knowledge of biology in a thought-provoking solution. Unfortunately, with more pandemics to come, we are fortunate to have young, strident visionaries like Max Arias.

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