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Maxwell Arias Explores Financial Literacy as a Way to Combat Wealth Disparities

Learning About Finance Can Fight Wealth Disparities Across Various Groups and Communities explains Maxwell Arias Wealth disparities are found all across the country, particularly among Black and Latino communities. These wealth disparities are generational. Maxwell Arias, a student at The Wharton School, explores how financial literacy can be used to combat the disparities. “Having a […]

Max Arias of Wharton School: Financial Literacy Initiatives Combats Intergenerational Wealth Disparities

Max Arias of Wharton School has been trying to communicate the importance of financial literacy to his friends and family members for years. This concept is one that he believes could help fight income disparity, particularly between the generations. Intergenerational income disparity is a significant problem, Max Arias of Wharton School feels and is one […]

Max Arias of Wharton

Max Arias of Wharton School Discusses the Long Term Impacts of COVID-19 on Globalized Supply Chains

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, future global economic activity has become increasingly uncertain. Specifically, there is an ongoing debate about how supply chains might change once the world emerges from this crisis. Max Arias, a senior at The Wharton School has analyzed current global trends in the context of Covid-19 to predict how global supply […]